Is Politics really for me?

Even though everybody seems to hate politicians, politics can appear to be a very glamorous place. Also, its not unusual to like the idea of having some power, and when you want power that much, politics can really seem like the place you should to be.

As you are reading How to get Elected, I am hopeful that in terms of what I have just written, you would be one of a growing number who would be ticking ‘none of the above’.

That’s great. But the problem is that many of the people who aren’t in politics to serve the better interests of our communities actually are motivated in very shallow ways.

There are plenty of them – and that means this kind of mentality can create an unpleasant working environment for people like you.

As a good politician, you should never take things personally, but must also be aware that plenty of other politicians do.

That means you can feel victimised and might even feel threatened by others in what seems to be a very personal way, just because you are doing your best and doing what you do.

Making complaints to appropriate authorities is now encouraged. And if you feel threatened, you always should do so.

But it is also important to understand that even threats and bad behaviour of this kind come at different levels and can present itself in different ways. Some which are very subtle and not that easy to define.

Odd as it may seem, anger against in politics you can be quite innocent. It can be the result of your achievements having upset someone who in some way sees your success as being their loss. It never is, but you will usually struggle to get them to see it that way!

If you can see yourself managing to keep going when others seem to want to do everything possible to make you quit, whilst also keeping a smile on your face and continuing to do the best that it is possible for you to do, the rough and tough of politics might just be suitable for you.

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