Using a Blog to get Elected

Hands up, Blogs are a really good tool for getting your message ‘out there’. What is more, you can easily post links straight to your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Accounts, and if you set up and use one of the main platforms such as WordPress or Blogger, these free and easy to use tools will do the job for you – as soon as you press publish.
Writing a Blog can be the foundation of your campaign to get elected and be a brilliant reference point for all that you do.
To get the very best from your Blog, it is essential that you write frequently, write like you are having a conversation, and keep writing about the material which is important to all that you do.
You have the flexibility to add pictures and links, references to other sites and even downloads such as questionnaires or your campaign addresses. You wont go far wrong if you stick to the rules of using Social Media too.
Whilst there are other platforms available, I would advise only using WordPress or Blogger, simply because they are free, and have been developed to make life very easy for people who want to do what you are planning to do.
Your blog address is important and should either be based on your name or the area where you will be working. 
You can pay for your own domain address if you would like too, if it’s available. For example, for the Blog I still publish, I started with, but upgraded this one by purchasing the domain name However, the Blog I have online which carries a lot of the things I published when I was a Councillor between 2007 and 2015 can be found at . 
I suggest you have a good look around WordPress and Blogger and see which you feel comfortable with most.
WordPress is accessed directly and you can explore the options for setting up an account at
There are many free templates available, as well as the more sophisticated versions that you can buy.
The free ones are perfectly fine, and after a little editing, will look very personal to you.

To see my own WordPress-based Blog, please visit

Blogger is much like WordPress, except that it is based on having an account with Google first – which you may already have. 
Like WordPress, the site is basically free to use. There are many templates to chose from and you can create a really good online presence which is personal to you.

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