Using Facebook to get Elected

Facebook is a key tool in your election and campaign armory. It is a way to make direct links with voters and then build and develop a good relationship with them where you can keep them in touch with what you are doing and gain support by word-of-mouth as you keep moving on.
As you are looking to work in and for the benefit of your community, you can easily set up a Facebook Page, which can be dedicated to what you are doing.
To do this, you will need a normal Facebook Account, but you can and ideally should keep the two separate.
Once you are set up, Facebook will allow you to have an easy to remember address for your page like mine for this site which is @HowToGetElected. 
This will be really useful to have on all of the literature you print and put through peoples doors.
Once you are set up, you can talk about everything you are doing. Add pictures and treat your Facebook Page like your own online news portal. People like to read about their local area and it wont take you long to work out what kind of stories will resonate with people, and how you need to present them in order to get through.
Publishing at least daily is a very good idea, because it keeps what you are doing looking fresh and like something that people now need.
Like most things, using Facebook is about practice. As long as you stick to the rules of using Social Media, you are unlikely to go wrong.

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