Using Linkedin to get Elected

Of the online Social Media tools I have highlighted on How to Get Elected, Linkedin is probably going to be least effective in connecting with voters.
That’s not to say it doesn’t have its uses. But as what is probably best described as Facebook for professionals, it is much more effective as a networking tool and as a way to get yourself literally linked-in to a wider audience and like-minded people doing what you are doing, but outside the geographical area where you are working.
It is still worth having a Linkedin Account, even if you do not want to pursue links with other people planning to do what you are doing, as there are likely to be at least a few residents or business owners operating in the area you wish to target who only use this type of Social Media.
Setting up an Account is easy if you follow the link , and once you have set up a profile, all you need do is either post your Facebook and Twitter posts to your Linkedin Account, and set up an automatic link from your Blog too.
You will soon find people wanting to ‘Link’, and its always worth having a look at their profile to see who they are and what they do before you accept.

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