Parallel Worlds

Never mind the reality that spending other people’s money to solve problems with solutions that only make sense to Tory strategist and politicians is a travesty of public representation in its most tragic sense.

With the Levelling Up Agenda, the Conservatives have quite literally banked on maintaining and consolidating votes that will keep them in power by using our own money to buy our communities gifts.

The Conservatives believe that they will achieve this and win the next General Election by building new roads, creating new tiers of government with new Mayors or by gifting deprived communities’ new sports centres, school buildings and swimming pools.

Yes, all these things look nice, and they sound great. But they don’t change any of the deep-seated issues that are really at work.

In fact, if anything, for those of us experiencing the problems within our society that should really matter to any politician, these hollow acts of abusing the power we have gifted to these so-called public representatives, in order to help us, just make our problems even worse.

Through the implementation of the Levelling Up plan, people without the lives we all deserve are being conditioned to think that everything is improving in the world around them.

But Levelling Up will leave them with the rather troubling question; Why is nothing really improving for us in life, or how we really feel about everything – despite what everyone is being told?

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