Sops don’t improve life. But they do look really nice as it passes you by

Buying people or being bought might work for the Tories who have got to the top. But for those at the base of the pyramid, it’s a very different world that exists.

If you were looking for a lesson or demonstration of how out of touch our political classes really are, there probably would be no better example than what the Tories are employing with their Levelling Up Agenda.

Contemporary ‘Conservative’ thinking (which is arguably not in any way ‘conservative’ at all’) in terms of tackling financial and income inequality hinges on a massively fallacious belief:

This ‘conservative’ Government operates on the belief that poverty is synonymous with unemployment. Or, rather, Johnsonian Tories believe that being poor and having no job is exactly the same thing.

As this brick is thrown into the societal pond, the tidal waves ripple out with ridiculous suggestions that our politicians genuinely believe, such as all jobs are the same and everyone with a job will be fine.

Then, the tsunami of their unreal world thinking hits: The Tory strategists and the leaders they influence conclude that life can be improved for the poor if government buys the things that their communities would otherwise be unable to afford.

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