The creation of non-jobs and the rejection of common responsibility

When appreciated, the reality that businesses exist for a purpose other than being an employer begins to shed a lot of light on the lack of understanding and cynicism of politicians when they spend so much time projecting out soundbites about creating jobs.

Ironically however, the rights culture mentality that the constant narrative has created has on one hand made people afraid of their own shadows – as they begin to question whether their normal behaviour is actually right, whilst within the workplace, employees – particularly within the left-wing dominated public sector, have increasingly refused to accept responsibilities that are not within the confines or parameters of their own jobs.

This process has itself heralded the creation of ‘non-jobs’ such as human resources, and many additional posts that were never previously necessary and carried out as part of general management responsibilities, before the situation began to exist where employees may not explicitly say it, but through their actions, they are telling their employer and customers that ‘this isn’t my job’, and opportunists have been more than happy to step in and fill the gaps.

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