The myth that less help results in there being more for the poor

Neoliberalism perpetrates the lie that egalitarian living can be achieved by letting the ‘knowing few’ run riot with minimum restraint. That by allowing them to control everything through their own interpretation of any rules, everyone and the public good will be truly well-served.

Yet the reality is that by deregulating markets and financial activities to the extent that they already successfully have, the power that should be in the hands of legislators and policy makers on behalf of us all, has been passed to private interests whose priority is profit and not the public interest instead.

The extension and growth of Neoliberalism is dependent upon reducing the reach and impact of government at every level.

It doesn’t matter what process is followed or becomes necessary for the outcome to be achieved.

Smaller Government is a Neoliberalist aim. The outcomes for the people who need good governance most will only get worse under the Neoliberal view of smaller government, as even the status quo will no longer be maintained.

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