The stepping off point towards Levelling Level: where we find ourselves now

In the pages that follow, I will cover the real problems that have led to the Johnsonian Tories pursuing their ‘Levelling Up’ agenda, whilst over recent decades, the influence of the Left has been the pernicious approach and impact of ‘Levelling Down’.

I will discuss why the nebulous policies of both Left and Right end up making the problems that society faces worse for everyone – if they actually help in any way at all, and why the problems that nothing more than political tinkering around the edges creates only serves to obfuscate and hide the real causes of the problems that we all now face.

With the changes to the world and the way that we live now coming, later in the book I will then move on to talk about the issues that the next generation of politicians will face.

I will offer some solutions and ways to begin addressing the imbalances that exists across society, and the early steps that must be taken if we are all to experience a future that is fruitful for all, is sustainable, healthy and above all actually works.

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