The true cost of Left-wing rights culture in the Public Sector

It is too easy to overlook and forget just how much impact and influence the Public Sector has on our lives.

To put the impact of having a completely dysfunctional Public Sector in perspective, it is perhaps best to try and provide at least some context by providing a list of how the work the public sector and the structures of government does, touches our lives:

  • Hospitals
  • Ambulances
  • Schools
  • Fixing Roads
  • Building Roads
  • Police
  • Fire Brigade
  • Parish & Town Councils
  • Borough & District Councils
  • County Councils & Unitary Authorities
  • Driving Licenses
  • Passports
  • Vehicle Licensing
  • Tax
  • Planning
  • Alcohol Licensing
  • Health & Safety
  • Flood Management
  • Environmental Health
  • The Courts
  • Jobcentres
  • Social Services
  • Emptying the bins
  • Erecting bins and dog bins
  • Bus Stops
  • Public Transport
  • NGOs (Non-Government Organisations)
  • [Army]
  • [Royal Navy]
  • [Royal Air Force]

The list goes on. Not least of all because even the functions that I have touched on here are managed by a wide range of different Public Sector bodies. They are all managed by organisations that have offices, structures, hierarchies and in many cases operational service departments to manage beneath and beyond them.

The bill to the Taxpayer (That’s us) for all of this is massive. In fact, it is currently thought to be the case that you actually work until late May or early June each year, just to pay the bill for all of this through the taxes that you pay.

Yes – that means you aren’t actually earning a penny for yourself for around five to six months of each year that you work.

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