What today’s culture in the Public Sector means for us

Before we even consider the financial cost of maintaining the public sector as it is today in financial terms, it is important to begin thinking about what it really means for us when not just one employee, not just one individual organisation, but the entire Public Sector is not doing its job with its true purpose in mind.

Although it is now 20 years since I worked professionally as a Local Government Officer myself, I recognised then that without the pernicious culture that had already taken over at that time, one person should be able to do the work of four others and be four times as productive, IF they were allowed and encouraged to actually do their jobs properly.

Over 12 years of being a Councillor and in the years that have passed since, I have seen nothing that has changed my mind on this, other than to say that the situation or problem has increasingly gone from bad to worse.

Public service delivery – and the people who actually deliver the public service to us – are not the priority.

It is the frameworks around those jobs that have become most important to Public Sector organisations and the Public Servants who work within them. For us, that only results in loss.

The Public Sector costs far more than it should because of the culture that the Left have instilled within it. And it is not even carrying out the work that it should.

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