‘Bullshit has its own sound’

Of course, as individuals looking out on the world as it is today, we can too easily be led to believe that it is only us – and strange as it may seem, the few people around us that we care to talk to – who see everything that is wrong in the world around us and with the narratives that we continually hear.

What I can tell you now, is that this is a very long way from being the case. It is only the way that we are surrounded by a flow of information, coming at us from each and every direction in the information technology age – that tells us and then repeatedly confirms to us – that the narratives which override our own common sense and what our instincts tell us – are able to thrive and continue to exist.

Bullshit really does have its own sound, and the sources and perpetrators of the lies that have made life so unbearable for many, in so many different ways, – whilst suggesting that we are the only ones who think that way or even worse, that we are actually alone – are in the process of being uncovered and shown to us all for what they really are.

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