Environmental factors contribute to, but are not the Social Mobility problem

So, there’s a young couple, let’s say in their late teens or very early twenties. They are unmarried, left school with nothing more than a token GCSE each. They haven’t worked a day since they left school. They already have a baby, and another is on the way. They are in a flat provided by the local social housing association. They both drink and smoke cannabis.

If I ask you to visualise the future of those two children in your mind, what do you think?

The chances are that you, or if not you, then the majority of people you know who are like you will immediately think ‘They are totally f*****d’ – or something equally obtuse. Nonetheless, it will be VERY conclusive in terms of how that future will be defined.

And that response – or indeed anything like it in terms of Social Mobility for those children, their parents and indeed anyone else who needs help to achieve and to be the best that they can be – is a real problem for us all.

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