Heads or Hands: The stupidity of pretending we are all academically equal

Given that the Labour movement was built around the needs of the working class, there is plenty of irony in the approach that the Blairist Labour Party pursued in its attempt to create an environment where everyone could achieve an undergraduate degree.

Whoever you are and whatever background you are from, you will know from experience that academic learning and attainment is not a process that works for all.

In fact, recognising, accepting and indeed celebrating the benefits that come from understanding and then harnessing the reality that in educational terms, both practical and academic learning has equal but different value, is something we should really see as being highly advantageous to a modern economy.

Yet for Labour and the Left, the obsession with ‘equal rights’ have also made them blind to the reality that different learning pathways not only have the potential to be very good for business and the economy. They are also much fairer and considerate of the individual learner too.

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