Laws for laws sake

We have a public sector that runs and operates for all the wrong reasons. We have a political system that sits above it as its political master, that is filled with politicians who will not tackle the issues or take the decisions that they are there to take.

When politicians and public sector organisations aren’t doing their job or rather have nothing to do, they feel obliged to justify their existence, simply so that they can continue doing whatever it is that they actually do, rather than what we are told they do.

This process inevitably leads to the creation of problems or even the division of existing problems to create new ones. Processes exist that literally go in search or more problems, so that politicians and Public Sector organisations can find new ways to justify why they actually exist.

As all of these functions are established on the basis of public policy, it therefore becomes necessary that more public policy or more laws are created to enable them to continue to exist.

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