Money doesn’t exist

It is worth repeating many times over.

Money doesn’t exist.

Money has no value.

Money is nothing more than a medium of exchange or what began as a very practical way to create a universal system of exchange that meant we were only two transactions from offering what we have in exchange for what we want.

Up until 1971, a system called the Gold Standard existed. Any money that we had in our hands – whether it was in the form of notes, or coins of whatever value, actually corresponded to the same amount of gold, which was then held in the vaults at the Bank of England (or wherever the safest place at any particular time to store a very large amount of Gold actually was).

At the behest of people with big ideas who knew better, following many of the ways of thinking that ultimately have dictated the way that we now live, the Gold Standard was effectively abolished and the money in circulation was no longer tied or anchored to anything of real value.

The removal of this anchor or tie, gave the money men the scope to invent more and more elaborate and complicated ways to create, hide and multiply the value of the money they managed. Even though and especially so, that to all intents and purposes, the money they use to buy things, pay each other and yes, lend to all of us at substantial rates of interest – doesn’t actually exist.

The world we live in revolves around the value that we attribute to money.

We have made our way of living all about belief in something that doesn’t actually exist.

And we have got to this place because we are all victims of what is likely to be the greatest confidence trick that the World has ever seen.

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