Seat Blocking: The wrong parties, the wrong politicians, the wrong results and a door to democracy and good leadership that is welded shut

The top-down system that thrives on a culture of assumed deference to those in positions of influence, power or roles that traditionally attract cross-community respect is broken.

Our system of governance is now dysfunctional to the point where many of the people who we should be able to trust for their integrity, purpose and ability are in fact imposters.

Yet we still have this ridiculous and illogical respect for those individuals by default – simply because of the way we have been conditioned to perceive their role.

There is no example of this problem that is more profound than the way that the British Political System and access to every level of choice and decision making with any real meaning in government across the UK is in the hands of just a few political parties that together monopolise the system and have effectively made it a closed shop.

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