The abuse of power

The behavior of our MPs, the political class, the establishment that sits behind it and activist movements such as unions are the key or common components of all the problems that we now face.

Some will choose to see the last two years of our political history as the only contributing factor in terms of all the problems that are set to come.

But the uncomfortable truth for many, is that the kinds of problems that society faces today are born of a rich tapestry of poor decision after poor decision, made by the wrong people being in positions of power and influence for all the wrong reasons.

Rather like the whole being greater than the sum of the parts, together all of these bad decisions have had a cumulative effect. We are now in the early stages of experiencing the related disaster unfold.

To overlook the causes of problems, or to pursue policy of any kind because of bias or influence – even because it’s the way politicians think or because of what politicians believe – rather than making decisions simply because those decisions are right for people they represent – are a massive abuse of power. It is as if a totalitarian dictatorship had been formed.

Our politicians may actually believe that they are doing the right things. But if they are not aware of themselves and their own thinking to a level where they can see where what’s good for people starts and where their self-interest ends, we are, as a Country, as communities and as individuals, pretty much damned.

And that, I am afraid to say, is where the UK finds itself today.

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