The Money Problem

I’m guessing that your immediate response to the question ‘what is the money problem’ is likely to be ‘I haven’t got enough!’.

But why do we need more of anything when so many of us have already got so much?

The relationship that people have with money has been changed by the way we have been and are being conditioned to think.

We are programmed by just about every stream of information that comes at us to believe that there is always something better that we can have and that what we really need is the money to get it.

The truth is that right now, we are all part of a society that functions upon and is driven by envy. We live and breathe the mantra that more wants more.

The fundamental problem with money today is that we believe that the value of everything can now be calculated or measured in financial terms.

The value of our time or the time that it takes to carry out work or a job, the goods, food, clothes, phones, computers, bikes, cars, houses, holidays, professional services and even the education that we can buy is now considered by us all in terms of what it will cost us – or in monetary terms alone.

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