The need for regulatory balance

If politicians and public servants were being completely honest about their jobs and responsibilities, they would already be doing a lot more than they already do.

They would also recognise that they don’t need more responsibility than they already have.

They would in fact understand that they would be better giving much of that power back.

However, once again there is a complete avoidable battle between the ideology of the Left that created this mission-creep culture, and that of the slash and burn approach adopted by the Right

Earlier, we discussed the approach or philosophy that drives the Right that we know as Neoliberalism.

One of the tenets of this highly flawed and self-serving philosophy is the removal or reduction of rules, laws and red tape – or what is commonly known as the process of deregulation.

In context, the push from the Right would see not only the unnecessary rules and regulations that have been created by the Left-wing rights culture destroyed. It would also see the removal of many of the regulatory tools and devices that provide genuine checks and balances across society – the ones that are actually serving us right.

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