The truth about Jobs and non-Jobs, and that in a just society you cannot have both

In the double speak of politicians that we hear today, the Tories have made unemployment synonymous with poverty.

Yet in today’s world, not having a job and not having enough money do not correlate in any way. They are massively different things and are not even sat on the same page.

With the political class being as obsessed with labels and soundbites as they are, politicians have somehow managed to pick up and run with the rather cynical idea that everyone will be ok and can get on with their lives, as long as they have got a job.

Yet no two jobs are the same.

We will return to the question of what it costs to live and how a benchmark minimum wage should really work later. But for now, it is important to recognise that under the way legislation in the UK currently works, there are jobs that just don’t pay people enough to live self-sufficiently in the current business and economic environment. But there are also jobs that aren’t really jobs on even these terms at all.

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