We have no alternative to more of the same (or worse) at the next General Election

We face a situation today where there will be no real choice for any of us when and if we choose to vote at the next General Election.

Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, it doesn’t matter. They are all cut from the same cloth and have all played their part in creating the problems that we have got.

Without change – and that means having an alternative to all of them to vote for which isn’t just the same as any of them but with a different name, things will certainly change as it is inevitable that they will do so, but in terms of the societal injustice and unfairness that we are all now beginning to understand, the imbalance will simply go on in the same ways, hitting us very hard, all over again.

Because of the way that the system currently works, the political parties that we know, effectively have a monopoly on who gets into Parliament and onto local Councils too.

That means it is the political parties that decide who is best to represent us, not us. And that means that when you vote for any Conservative, Labour or Liberal candidate, they will be speaking with their party’s voice – not yours.

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