Worthless Degrees and lower standards

To be fair to the Blairists, Labour and the Left had previous form. Their assault on our formally word-class system of education began with the assault on Grammar Schools or so-called ‘elite education’ over a period of decades before.

But their new and more advanced form of imposing idealistic equality on the population took the meddling of the Left into an entirely different league when in their obsession with imposing a solution over the right to a higher education for all.

In fact, they overlooked the reality that the reason so many people didn’t have degrees wasn’t just because of their background, where they come from or how much money they had.

In the majority of cases, lack of academic attainment is down to many other factors. Not least of all that perhaps 50% of the population or many more are not academically inclined.

In one stroke of Labour-defined genius, entire generations of young people in this Country had their futures compromised.

The higher education system itself became focused on the bottom line rather than the quality of teaching as money became the focus, rather than the quality of what anyone learned.

New graduates were condemned to at best begin their professional working lives saddled with what for some will be never-repayable debt.

An educational system that was once itself envied across the world, found itself forced to create more and more worthless degrees and dumb down the process of academic attainment as schooling was commercialised and we forgot what ‘universal learning’ was really there for.

All so that students who should never have needed to walk through the doors of a university to ‘qualify’ themselves in someone else’s idealistic eyes, would always be guaranteed a pass.

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