A Debt Jubilee

Within the Great Correction, the change from a system that has been skewed in the favour of the money men and the belief in money and wealth, will require the way that everything we own is also valued. This necessarily means reevaluating how we see and manage past debt.

The best way to ensure fairness – in a system where money lenders have been lending out money that has no value and charging interest for it, is to reimagine that debt and recalculate it so that it no longer exists.

This isn’t a suggestion that we all embark on some giant game of musical chairs where we all suddenly own outright what is in our possession when the music of the old system stops.

But it does mean that ownership of everything must be revalued to be proportionate.

Where major assets such as land and resources are concerned, if they are not to be returned to or held in public or community hands, the new system of taxation will reflect the benefit to the private owner, so that the benefit from its utility is shared via the community for the benefit of us all.

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