Always do the right thing

Like just about everything in this world, even ‘doing the right thing’ is a term that is open to interpretation, depending on way you think, or the priorities in your life that are involved.

In fact, so ridiculously grey is the area or cloud that surrounds ‘doing the right thing’, that if you were to sit down with the politicians running the UK today, or the journalists and commentators reporting on it in the media, and then ask them, ‘do you always do the right thing?’, the chances are that they could look you straight in the eye and honestly answer you yes.

And they wouldn’t be lying either. The difference is that they would always be doing the right thing for them. They wouldn’t be doing the right thing for everyone else.

Yes. There is a massive difference. But the two get massively confused.

Doing the right things for them is how politicians and people with influence and power got us all into the mess that we are in.

They have made decision after decision, based on the consequences they foresaw for themselves as a result of doing whatever they have then done, rather than basing those decisions on what would be the effect or consequences for us all.

The problem has always been that no decision is made with isolated consequences, particularly at public level. And every decision that has been made to benefit specific rather than the public interest, has been made with consideration only for the impact or consequences for that specific few and without any consideration for the impact upon everyone else – who will inevitably also be involved.

Actions always have consequences, and we all need to adopt a way of thinking that enables us to discern between whether the actions we are about to take have consequences for anyone other than us who may directly or indirectly become involved.

Whilst many may try to do so, we can never guarantee the options or choices that will be made available to us even two steps down the line.

In fact, there are no guarantees that even the consequences of the next decision that we make in the here and now will turn out exactly as we had anticipated or as we would like.

If we learn to take each and every decision in life based only on what we know our best judgement on what the impact of that specific choice in the moment will be, and then make the right choice for everyone who will be touched by that decision, we will always end up in the best place that we can be – no matter how hard we anticipate that choice will turn out to be for us personally.

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