Ethical Capitalism: Prioritising good, happy lives for everyone over profit for the few

It doesn’t matter what goods you buy, or what services you need to hire in. There isn’t one industry that exists now that hasn’t had the desire the people within it have to be the best at what they do and deliver the best they can for the customers they serve, replaced by the prioritisation that work is all about what they can make (£).

People used to think about careers in terms of the enjoyment, satisfaction and sense of personal achievement that it would bring them. Now, young people look at qualifications, courses, careers and social media in terms of what money, glory and celebrity it will give them instead.

Money and wealth are the motivation and underlying aim in all that we do. So even the few who do desire to continue working ethically are now restricted from doing so, because the community or industry that they function within no longer operates in the same way that they wish to.

In a world where all systems and ways of working will be brought back into balance – which is what this document here proposes – there will be no reason for anyone to not function and to approach their work ethically, always looking at what they do in terms of the effect, consequences and benefits not just for them, but for everyone.

The reality is that profit should always be the happy consequence of doing any job well.

Profit or personal gain should never be the sole aim of doing anything.

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