Every solution or suggestion for Levelling Level addresses the issues or effects of problems by dealing with the causes

Every problem that has been discussed in this book alludes to ways of being, laws, regulations, policies and the actions or activities of politicians that have either allowed or encouraged these problems to exist.

They are the apparent causes of many of the problems that we face, yet they themselves are in many cases only the effects.

Many of the problems that exist have been made worse by fact that politicians and leaders have treated the effects of problems as if they themselves are the cause.

We have literally found ourselves in the mess that we are now, because the effect of one problem has been addressed as if it’s the cause, leading to another or more effects which have then been treated the same. Meanwhile, all the time this has been happening, nobody has ever dealt with the real or root cause.

The suggestions I have made all relate to where the root or real cause of all the problems lie.

When it comes down to it, the real change is one for all of us and that change is about our approach to life.

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