Home Building

Contrary to current Housing Policy and the obsession that the political classes today have with building new homes as being the answer to solve all ills, we do not actually need to be building new homes of either the kind, or of the number that we have been or that we have been told that we need to be building.

The only reason that the obsession with new housebuilding exists, is because our politicians are not prepared to manage existing housing in a better and fairer way, based on the reality that nobody needs or requires more than one home in order to live or exist.

As part of the whole process of restoring values and creating a system that achieves Levelling Level so that life for all is where it should actually be, we must recognise that homes are essential for all.

The provision of homes is therefore and should never be the basis upon which massive profit-making industries should be able or allowed to exist.

When we value what we really have, and value the important things in life, we do not need additional homes in the country, by the sea or in places around the world – wherever they may be.

Just because some of us can afford second homes and in many cases pay more than they are actually worth to buy and maintain them, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it is right to do so.

In these circumstances, it is the unnecessary use of the advantage we have that disadvantages others. This is what is leading and enabling others to create a push for housebuilding and a whole set of avoidable circumstances that makes those who need housing they can afford, easy to exploit.

Taxation can and must be used as an effective tool to immediately make better and more effective use of the housing stock across the UK that we already have.

It is not a question of taking from those that have and giving it to those who don’t. It is just a question of ensuring that excessive and unnecessary ownership is priced out of fashion, so that lives are not being disturbed or even ruined on the basis of what is no more than a whim.

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