Life skills and educational ‘basics’

One of the things that the Left-wing takeover of education since they began the attack on Grammar Schools has resulted in, has been the growing assumption that the educational basics (language and arithmetic) just arrive for everyone at the same time. That life skills are only something that poor learners (the more practical) or those with special education needs should be given focused time for – as everyone who is ‘able’ just picks these things up as they go along.

Sadly, they don’t.

We have arrived at a point where the idea that everyone can have a degree has reached a critical fork in the road where graduates – yes, that’s young people who have already gained a degree – don’t have the basics. They are, as such, therefore not fit for work.

Pre-14 education has simply become too diversified for it to treat everyone fairly and in a wholly balanced way.

There needs to be a shift back to ensuring that every young person achieves an acceptable level of fluency in English and Maths – but more importantly a basic understanding of how life works and how they can function effectively in the world of today by being taught real life skills such as critical thinking, so that everyone can support themselves adequately in the 21st Century UK.

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