Personal Transport

The age when every member of any household owned and ran a car is over. Inflationary price changes are telling you this right now, even if you don’t want to think about it yet.

We do not need to travel in the ways that we have been doing so.

It is extremely costly for us both personally and for the world to be travelling around as we have been.

As it is only large corporate interests that now really profit from our being able to do so – whether it’s through the provision of fuel, energy, roads, cars, insurance or anything else associated with their purchase, running or maintenance, the need for personal transport that may have existed at one point no longer exists.

It is inevitable that our perceived reliance and love affair with having our own car must stop.

The way forward for us all – where any kind of longer journey is required – is to focus on better, more efficient and more reliable public transport – that MUST be in public or rather community hands.

Where transport by car (or small commercial vehicle) is the only sensible way to undertake a journey, because of the destination, purpose or time of the day, we should be using shared environmentally friendly vehicles through community lending or carpooling rather than commercial rental services, so that any profit-making element is removed from the provision of transport services that must be available to us all.

Community lending should extend to the loan or non-profit rental of electric bikes too.

The most effective way for every community to go forward, would be for parish & town councils or their equivalent in local areas, to own and manage their own personal transport hubs.

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