The Basic Living Standard

Adults, working a full working week in any job at any level, must be able to feed, house, clothe and provide adequately for their own transport needs, whilst providing basic necessities such as communication themselves, without the need for credit, loans, benefits or third-party support of any kind.

This Basic Living Standard Statement provides the benchmark that politicians and government must pursue in order to achieve and deliver on the aim of providing a societal and economic structure for the UK which is genuinely fair to all.

Those who tell you this aim is impossible have reasons for not wanting to have a fully balanced society with systems that are fair to all.

The reason they don’t want this may be as simple as they believe that such an aim is simply too hard or too difficult to deliver. That the way things are today are the way that things have always been done.

More likely however, it will because they are comfortable with the way things work today, because there is a benefit or pay off for them in some way.

Such thinking is in itself a big part of the problem.

It is the complexity that the self-serving have created over a very long period of time, that now has to be unpicked so that everything outside of life itself is there to serve life and the way that we live. Rather than how it is now, where everything in life is focused outside of ourselves and dictates that we exist rather than live.

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