The myth that wage rises are the only way we can afford to live

If you are reading this from the perspective of one of so many of us who are today feeling the pinch and are becoming more and more aware of just how expensive it is becoming to live, the fact is that a rise in your income level – whatever that income might be – is probably the one thing or the one solution for you that will make immediate and overwhelming sense.

Whilst a rise in income is always dependent upon factors that are external to us – for instance how much we can get our employer to raise our weekly wage, we nonetheless feel that it is directly within our control, because our income is directly linked to what we personally do or what assets or investments we personally control.

Income is within our personal bubble or sphere of responsibility. So, when we believe we have enough income to cover all of our costs and all the things that we want, we can easily – and happily – conclude that all is ok in terms of our relationship with the world.

Yet the problem with us only thinking about money in terms of whether we have enough of it to pay for whatever it is we want to bring into our lives, means that our state of happiness is constantly and continuously being dictated by the prices – and therefore the decisions made by others out in that world.

In reality, we do not have control over our happiness, because the affordability of everything that we need and want is inevitably under someone else’s control. And what is more, our ability to afford all of it is also set by someone else too.

OK, so I can almost hear the thought bounding back at me here that says, ‘that’s just how the world works’ or ‘that’s just the way things work’. And yes, on the face of it, that is how it is.

But ‘that’s just the way it is’ exists, only because that’s what we have so far been prepared to accept.

We accept it because that’s how we have been taught, conditioned or programmed to think.

It was or would only ever be safe to think this way, IF we could trust the people who are in power to ensure that all of those influences and the power that dictates the prices we pay and the income that we receive were fair. That they were genuinely representative of what things cost, and that the ‘system’ was being managed in exactly the way that it should be.

But the people we trust who we have trusted with OUR power are not doing their jobs. In fact, they either don’t know how to do their jobs or are deliberately not doing them – because it benefits them in some way to turn a blind eye.

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