The Spiritual or Religious side of this new age

Whilst not everyone chooses to broadcast the fact, increasing numbers of us see ourselves as being Spiritual rather than religious, and within that bandwidth, follow a wide range of ways of thinking that have basically replaced the place that faith in a religion previously held for us all in some way.

Like religion before it, new age thinking has created a ringfenced system of piousness where talk of great awakenings, raising consciousness and personal journeys, encouraged by astrology, tarot and ‘enlightened thinking’ still encourages people to completely miss the point.

The point of getting life right for us as individuals is that our own progress is about playing our part in getting life right for us all.

We cannot run away from the role that we have to play in creating a new, balanced and fair world for all. by only focusing on what is good for us. This is just another way of prioritising our own self-interest in what only looks like being a different way to what everyone else has been doing or already does.

The events and the changes that are happening around us will inevitably be interpreted in many different ways.

But in practical terms or objective ways of thinking, the new way of living or the new world that we will experience once we come out of the other side of all this will overtly look and feel very much the same.

The key is finding peace and acceptance with who we are in all this, rather than who we believe we should be.

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