Cost is the way that everything bad is excused by UK Politicians

Government is a complicated business. But it has become far more complicated than it should be, and that is because it suits the needs and purposes for those involved, and specifically so at the top.

What they don’t tell you is just how much of that complication isn’t really needed, and what the cost of that complication really is.

The only argument that gives any legitimacy to the operational structure of government and the public sector that we have today is the cost and keeping the cost as low as it can be every day.

Obsessed with money as we now are, our collective viewpoint plays straight into the unworthy politicians’ hands. As we allow that obsession to make us focus on the cost of public service provision, rather than the quality of it, or in many regrettable cases whether it doesn’t even need to exist – if we don’t actually use that service ourselves.

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