Our Contribution to the Community

Another area of life today that must change so that we can achieve a workable Basic Living Standard for all, is our relationship with charity giving, how we pay for services in the community, and how we all give back or contribute in a way that gives us ownership or a stake in the success of the society that functions around us.

The fairest, most sensible way to achieve both a buy-in for us personally and a pay-off with impact on the world around us that we can actually see, will be for us all to give the community 10% of our working time or income – or the equivalent of one-half day working per week.

Most of us could use the specialist skills and experience that we have to offer three and a half hours of massive impact and contribution, or just volunteering to support charities and public organisations with whatever help they may need where we cannot.

Alternatively, if we believe that it would be more helpful to do so, we could donate 10% of our income too.

By providing such help and support, through a new local community services hub which is linked to the revamped and localised system of governance, we will easily reduce the cost of the local public services that we still actually need, reduce the reliance on ‘professional’ government staff, and all be able to play a part in improving the experience that we all have of our local environment, which will help us all to regain a healthy amount of pride.

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