We should all be able to access and communicate with the Politicians making decisions on our behalf

The argument that we can no longer have free access to top politicians because it is not safe for them, underpins the reality that power has now been focused and concentrated too far away from us and towards too few for the decisions that affect us every day to make any real sense to those who are supposed to be solving our problems.

When decisions that have meaning in our life are taken by people we can access and talk to, we feel and have a much greater sense of responsibility and of being in control. Yes, there will always be exceptions, and there will always be people at every level of government or who have responsibility who will be intoxicated by any power and influence that they have got.

But by bringing every decision back to the level of community or the relevant level where people and businesses can actually see and feel their influence at work or see the real-life stories and experience that give them the opportunity to learn and think differently, society will work better for us all.

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