The End of Money as we know it

Much of Levelling Level has focused on everything that we know around us changing – and the way it will require us to change the way that we think.

With money being the key driver or lifeblood of the system we know; a system that is already in freefall, it is inevitable that the value of the money we use will collapse.

Money as we know it will become worthless in terms of daily use, until the new system is fully operational and the use of money as a functional tool has replaced the role of money driving every part of life and thinking for all.

Whilst there will always be a need for a common currency at National Level, the new way of doing business will like everything else with meaning coming and being created from the grassroots up.

Circumstances really will dictate the need for a correction with money – and what money is really about, to the level of ground zero.

Like everything of value, its people and not the technology of the system itself, that must be used to define what it is all about

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