Just because you cannot see a problem, doesn’t mean that a very big problem doesn’t exist

None of our lives are simple – no matter what anyone else thinks.

The complications within our own lives or ‘bubbles’ mean that we really are blind and deaf to anything and everything going on outside of our own bubble – unless there is something within our bubble which gives us a specific interest is something that could also be very specific outside of our bubble. A specific something going on in one of the many worlds that make up the whole world that sits beyond our own.

A disaster could be unfolding in the world bubble and life of the person sat on the table next to me in this Starbucks, but I cannot see it because I have had no reason to do so.

This is the way that we all look at everything.

It’s how the whole world and the many worlds that exist within it work.

Until any problem or the many problems from many bubbles come into our lives and touch us directly, they may as well not actually exist.

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