That feeling that something isn’t right is your real alarm clock going off. It’s time to wake up!

That feeling of disquiet that we all have, is like a knock at the door or an internal alarm clock going off. It’s the real you, reaching out to say that something that isn’t good for us is going on right here, right now.

Whilst I am using the metaphor of an alarm clock and telling you that its time for us all to wake up, this isn’t the clarion call of the ‘great awakening’ that those who are converting a material form of self-interest into one sold as spiritual piousness would like us all to buy-in and believe.

Insisting that anyone must be part or this or that, or have specific knowledge or experience to be accepted is no better than the demands of a money obsessed society that insists you have to demonstrate your wealth to be accepted, to ‘get in’ or ‘to be someone’.

The awakening, or process of waking up I am talking about, is that of learning or rather re-learning to trust yourself and the feelings that you might inexplicably have.

Instead of looking to the worlds and words or others and everything outside of yourself for answers to YOUR questions, you should  instead look to the yes / no, right / wrong, feelings that come without internal dialogue or commentary and without reason and without emotion.

Instincts, when trusted, will always deliver. Simply because you have had the good sense to look within and not gone without.

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