The chances are, you don’t ‘get it’. But that doesn’t make you wrong. In fact, it really is OK

The world we live in is ridiculously complicated. And by that I am referring to the many different worlds or rather the world or bubble as each and every one of us experiences it. Worlds which sit billions or times over, beyond the one that we feel is more than complicated enough in which we personally exist.

No. Our lives really are not the same.

We are the sum of our experiences.

Even the conversation that I am about to have with the barista when I order my next coffee, will make me a different person in the sum of those experiences. I will be different to the person that I am right now, or rather the person I was before.

We don’t know all the details that make up the stories of all the things that come in to our lives. How food was produced or how it got to the supermarket shelves. Where the computers and phones that we use were designed or where they came from. What it took and who was involved in bringing everything to us.

We certainly don’t understand or appreciate the whys or how’s of how decisions were made by different layers of government, that are having an effect on just about every part of our life.

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