Trust Your Feelings. Know Your Emotions.

Feelings are a funny thing. In fact, we are constantly told by people and the world around us that our feelings, gut feelings or the instincts or that knowing that cannot always be elucidated with words, should be overridden.

The messages of the world insist that it is the messages and ‘things’ that are outside of us that are the only thing we can trust.

That is of course, unless those feelings are not really feelings at all, but are in fact the emotions that relate to our own perceived vulnerabilities and ideas of isolation. Thoughts that we are then ‘progressively’ encouraged to shout about from the rooftops.

‘Weaknesses’, celebrated openly with others can then be exploited to weaken others and make them believe they are vulnerable too. All at our own expense whilst our willing participation in this charade fuels a system that has evolved to benefit only the few.

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