The cultural shift from having values to nothing but the worship of money was built on our own weaknesses and vulnerabilities, exploited by those at the top

The dreams of big money and corporate interests had all come true, the very moment that this age of Neoliberalism was born.

Not only because the elites had untapped the rivers of gold that only ‘those in the know’ had access too because they or their friends could literally print money out of thin air to invest in whatever they wanted with ‘real’ money from customers coming back at them in return.

Not only because the elites could use the useful idiots they had found in the form of stupid, ambitious and above all corruptible politicians who would change rules and regulations to favour their interests at every turn.

Not only because they could move just about every form of production and manufacturing that existed to Countries far away, where the rules that more westernised nations had fought for and took for granted could be ignored and ridiculous increases in bottom line margins would result.

But because above all, this group of politicians, business leaders and people with a lot of money now knew that they had the power to tell people who were losing their jobs, losing their incomes, losing their communities, losing their value and losing their integrity, that the whole thing was in their best interests, and that they would be much better off financially and materially as a result.

The whole thing has been the worlds biggest confidence trick. But it worked and it has continued to work for as long as it has done, simply because so many of us have been blinded by the ‘easy money’, the great cars, the fashionable clothes, the foreign holidays, and the blinding light of money becoming the ruler of everything.

This is where self-interest and the lack of questioning from us all has now led. And its all about to collapse.

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