When, Where & How did all the economic problems we have today really begin?

Okay, so we have to wind back the clock. Not just a little. But a very long way, before we can begin to start a whistle-stop tour of the key events and motivators that have contributed to or rather their impact on everything else have accumulated to create the situation that we are facing now.

Firstly, its important to understand that this is a story about human nature before anything else.

It’s a story about what happens when people obtain power, influence, wealth or a mixture of them all, and either don’t have the moral fibre, ethics or principles to always do the right thing for everyone at the start, or they end up that way because they have been corrupted by what they have experienced or gained along their life path.

Oddly enough, morality and values seem to become increasingly absent across society, the further from general hardship or real hardship that effects everybody within it becomes.

Without the experience of hardship, or ‘making do’, even the poorest members of society can quickly become mesmerised and emotionally tied to an obsession for what they could have, rather than really appreciating all that they have already got.

More wants more. And in 1971, with promises of benefits that could only be unleashed by so-called ‘market freedoms’, deregulation of financial systems and services, and the proposition that an economy unhindered by government will always look out for us all, Neoliberalism was unleashed upon the western world when US President Richard Nixon did away with The Gold Standard, and a world based on FIAT or rather created money was born.

Commercialism had been picking up great speed before 1971, particularly in the United States. The emotional fix of material possessions and the social benchmarking that became definable by ‘showy wealth’ for the masses played perfectly into the hands of those economists with an agenda. False prophets who were able to whisper their intoxicating poison into the ears of politicians and influencers who didn’t have the scruples to know or even suspect any better.

So, with the launch of the FIAT system – that the western world has all but since adopted – a cultural shift from values to ‘money is god’, through a process based on the success of media manipulation and brainwashing was well and truly unleashed.

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