The Great Reset will not happen overnight

One of the most challenging aspects of understanding change, is accepting that change is happening constantly and all the time.

Even the biggest changes that affect us all happen not in a moment. But as a process that involves many different events and actions, that can actually take a substantial period of time.

Just like the way we experience illnesses or diseases, change often goes through minor, chronic and acute stages.

When it comes to change of everything that we know and the very complex world around us – or what is being called ‘The Great Reset’, this is already happening many times over, right now, around us too.

The change going on already will be perceived as minor for those who do not feel directly affected.

It will be feeling chronic and unending for those that already are. People like those who are already struggling to pay for food, energy and any one of a number of things that would not make sense to anyone else who hasn’t been there or experienced that kind of hardship yet themselves.

That is just the cost-of-living crisis.

Every part of life is already being touched. And what you have yourself already started to see as being broken or dysfunctional, is a pointer for you to where changes coming as part of The Great Reset will be.

Sadly, this whole process will not stop there. The systemic collapse will mean that all the things we take for granted are likely to go through a period where they simply do not work.

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