What happens after The Great Reset is your choice. OUR future is not the Elites nor the WEFs to decide

The politicians that we have, the business ‘leaders’ running the corporate world, the bankers & financiers and all of the so-called elites of today can and will only be able to continue after the Great Reset IF it is what WE collectively allow them to do.

The decision that we must make will be between waiting for them to come up with all the solutions and the answers to the problems we are facing – as we are already trapping ourselves into a false sense of security by doing now. Or to accept that nothing about the world around us and the lives that we have been conditioned to live really serves us in the beneficial way that people we don’t even know have been using their power and influence to make us think.

Some of you will be thinking that this sounds like a lifestyle that nobody is going to accept by choice. And that’s why we are still in the position that we are right now, staring at the steady but nonetheless downward spiral of a systemic collapse that we will continue to refuse believe exists until we no longer have any skin in the game.

When the system no longer benefits you in any way. That will be your time to decide.

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