Surviving The Great Reset | Grow Your Own | Using Hydroponics

If the space you have available is limited, you don’t have a garden, window ledge or anywhere else you would immediately recognise as somewhere you could repurpose to grow your own food, Hydroponics could be the answer for you.

Hydroponics is basically growing things in a tray, trough or tank with flowing water, that contains all the nutrients that the plants, fruits and vegetables in them need to grow.

It is an amazingly efficient way to grow food, because of the limited space, energy and input that is required – once you are set up. And the great thing is that you can set up a Hydroponics system anywhere – often with only a very minimal requirement for energy or light.

In some ways Hydroponics is the most practical and most efficient way to grow your own food. Its just that the food that is actually the easiest to produce will not look as appetising as we might like it to be.

The important thing is that you and the people you care for can eat and get nutrition for however long the system and food supply chain change and related shortages might be.

When it comes down to the absolute nuts and bolts of not going hungry for any period of time, having a Hydroponics system working away in your home, might by the best bet you can make on yourself right now, today.

Please do a web search on ‘Hydroponics’, ‘Buy Hydroponics’, ‘Foods you can grow with Hydroponics’. There is plenty to see, read, learn from and buy online.

Once again, the time to be setting yourself up with a Hydroponics system at home is right now. When food is short, it might be short because the system of distribution has stopped or broken down. As most of the equipment you will need will be online, it won’t be any good to you, if you cant get to it or it can’t get to you!

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