The Cost of Living Crisis, Inflation, a Bank of England that doesn’t know what to do and MPs who are blaming everyone but themselves: We are witnessing the first stages of a systemic collapse

In my book Levelling Level, which was published at the end of March, and in the blogs that I have been writing as a follow up since, I have been talking at length about a systemic collapse, which is now underway.

There is no joy in knowing that everything we are already experiencing and that we are soon going to experience, was never necessary.

This all could have been avoided at many different times, if we had elected politicians to be our public representatives – and they were people who actually cared for others enough, to put their own ‘necks’ on the line.

The so-called leaders that are already in office, along with those who are hoping to replace them, have no solutions to the crisis that is unfolding around us all, right now.

They, and the MPs from their political parties and movements that were here and influencing everything even from before when they were elected, have been responsible for all that is happening – often without even knowing. Because their own greed and ambition has blinded them to the things that have always needed to be done, and how they could use the great power and responsibility that they have – to create something better for all.

Generations of these same politicians, who talk differently and look different – but are fundamentally the same, have all played their part in allowing and facilitating the rise and evolution of a system based on nothing but greed, money and profit from the very start.

Yes, people are rightly shouting out at these politicians and the whole of the establishment that people need to eat and that the growing number of people at the acute end of the cost of living crisis, all need that help to come right now.

I’m afraid that the help that could make a real difference from any of the politicians we have got already isn’t going to come – no matter which of them we could elect.

The tools and thinking that these people have used to create this system and the problems that are now manifesting, cannot be the same tools and thinking that will effect a proper and permanent fix that works for us all.

Yes, they might print even more money as a way to say they have done something and stop people from literally rioting. But anything they do will amount to nothing more than a quick fix.

Quick fixes will be all that these same people – whether Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or the others – can offer any of us now.

We are at their mercy until this horrific system has broken completely and WE have accepted that change and a fairer and more balanced way of living for us all can only come by changing the way that we think.

None of this helps those who are going hungry today, nor those of us who will have nothing in the coming weeks and months that lie ahead.

The light at the end of a very dark tunnel, is the opportunity and the direction that we can take next.

The opportunity to live in a very different way, governing for everyone from the grassroots up and turning away from a self-serving system that can only thrive through the imbalance which is top-down.

We need a Basic Living Standard for ALL.

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