The Transition from Global to Local Food Production | What it really means

The complexity and size of the Global Economy has provided access to foods and goods that we do not need, along with access to some foods and goods that we do need, that could be home produced, but are being produced and shipped to us more cheaply from what might be continents away.

The collapse of the Global Supply Chain is already proving to be a massive shock and it can only get worse.

The transition that will be required so that we can ALL eat and access the basic essentials that we ALL need will require that as a Country we become as self-sufficient as it is possible for us to be.

Self-sufficiency of this Country will mean that our focus of growing and production will have to focus on the basic foods and goods that we need. Not the production of anything that some of us want.

This process of inevitable change will mean that many of the ‘fancy’, highly processed foods that we are used to eating and being readily available for us to buy, won’t even be available on a shelf or online. They simply will not be available to buy – no matter how much money someone might still have to spend.

Being ‘fine mouthed’ or enjoying the ‘finer’ things, will no longer be there as a real choice.

We will only have access to basic foods. Foods that are actually a lot healthier for us. Foods that will have very little processing and that we will prepare ourselves.

We will relearn to thrive on meat and two veg, and we will do this – not because we are being told to, but because we will be happy just to have it.

We will not miss having a so-called ‘choice’ that only serves to hurt us, whilst enriching others.

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