No amount of power, material wealth or money can buy, beat or outrun the universal laws of balance forever: Top-down hierarchy has reached the end of the line

There is a natural order of things. A system of universal laws that revolve around balance. Laws that defy the influence, will of control of even those who believe themselves to be powerful.

When those universal laws have been pushed too far, it is inevitable that they will return to where they should be. They will do so, without anything or anyone being able to stand in their way.

The problem for every one of us, no matter what part we have played in taking us to where we are, is that the pendulum of balance has been lifted from happy rest and balance to a world led by what we want rather than only by what we need.

That pendulum has now been released. It will pick up frightful momentum and it will will cross back and go beyond that point of happiness and balance to where we go without and cannot meet our needs.

Only then will that pendulum return to rest and where it should always have been – and would have been, had we continually had respectful and caring leadership in control, not possessed by everything they want.

Even the path of that pendulum follows a process of observing that universal law.

It is through the hardship and the experience of what real want really is, that we will learn or rather relearn who we are. We will begin to remember the purpose, meaning and use of real values. And only then, will we collectively be ready to embrace the new future that is built around balance and fairness for all. A world that reflects who we really are.

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