Profiteering is alive and well and thriving today, fueled by a culture where Politicians have proven that writing cheques is the only thing they know how to do

There is a cost-of-living crisis underway, right now, that is going to get exponentially worse. So much worse, its going to contribute to a complete systemic collapse.

However, the people least aware of what is happening and what this means for everything that lies ahead of them, aren’t necessarily the same people who you might immediately think.

So good have big business and corporate interests had it over the past two and a half years, whilst our stupid and inept politicians have tried to solve every single problem by writing cheques, that they have now fallen into a trap of their own making. They have decided to keep on inflating prices of the goods and services they sell – being as certain as they are, that government will have to step in and sure-up the price and the ability of everyone to keep on paying the bills.

Wholesale energy prices have come down, as have the prices of wholesale petrol and diesel in recent days. All this comes amongst other goods and services that each and every one of us are using every day, shooting up in retail price. Or being reduced in size or value – which in real terms amounts to exactly the same thing – as people have to buy even more of everything, just to stand still.

Yes, the very stupid people we have running the Country are responsible for creating the myth that no matter what happens, everyone will still continue to get paid. But that isn’t a green light for businesses to keep charging more and keep charging whatever they like.

Just because you can, doesn’t make it right.

Greed-driven, unethical business have been at the creative centre of the cost-of-living crisis, right from the very start.

Yes, our poor excuses for public representation have allowed industries to plunder resources and exploit us all and everything with it for profit. But that doesn’t make these private interests right.

The question of legality does not put any of these actions above that of morality and the duty of care that we all have to everyone else.

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